Barry M Confetti and Rimmel 60 Seconds

Good afternoon!

I finally got around to buying some of the Barry M confetti polishes, they were on offer in Boots (buy one get one half price) so it had to be done. I also was browsing the polish in B&M and came across some Rimmel 60 Seconds polish for £1! Again, I couldn’t resist buying a couple.

I got ‘Blue My Mind’ and ‘Grey Matter’ by Rimmel, and ‘Sour Apple’ and ‘Liquorice’ by Barry M.


‘Blue my mind’ is a rich blue colour; I’ve had this polish before and have had debates with friends about whether it is blue (as suggested in its name) or purple. And in different lights, it does look like it could be both; though I think it is definitely more blue. What do you think?
‘Grey matter’ is a lovely soft grey; it’s not particularly dark and I can tell its going to be worn a lot as I love grey polish.

‘Sour apple’ contains aqua and yellow confetti, whereas ‘Liquorice’ has black and white. They both applied well and they were easily removed.

Here are one coat of ‘Liquorice’ and ‘Sour apple’ over two coats of Grey matter and Blue my mind.

And one coat of Sour apple and Liquorice over only a base coat.

Personally, I love the confetti look. They add a little something extra to a mani, so expect to see more of them soon. What do you think about confetti style polish?

Bye now x


Revlon Watermelon Fizz and OOTD

Helo o Caerdydd/hello from Cardiff!

I moved up here last weekend and have settled in, and unpacked most of my stuff (important things like nail polish and clothes). I broke 4 nails and gained 2 bruises moving, bad times.

I’ve had a lazy day today, painted my nails then went for a walk along the river. Tough life. Today I used ‘Watermelon fizz’ by Revlon. Watermelon fizz is a beautiful sheer red colour with an orangey tinge; it is shimmery and smells like watermelons. The smell isn’t overly strong, or overpowering and doesn’t last that long. I used three coats, there is some VNL, and didn’t use a topcoat as it takes away the smell.

20130625-173537.jpgExcuse my broken nail on my middle finger, I’ll shorten them all later 😦
The writing on the bottle has half-worn off, and comes off further if I scratch it. Here you should be able to see the shimmer.

I like this polish as its pretty, goes on well and the smell is good too. I catch myself sniffing my nails, anyone who sees me must think I’m a bit nuts.

Before I go, I just wanted to share my outfit, well top, with you; I love it .
20130625-174126.jpgIt’s a giraffe riding a bike, what’s not to like?!

Hope you are having a lovely Tuesday.
Bye now x

Beach nails ft. flip flops.

Good evening and happy summer solstice!
I am loving how light the evenings are and am sad to think they’re going to get darker.
Apologies for being a bit absent, I’ve been sporting bare nails the past few days and been packing some more. Packing is hard! I definitely overpack.

Today’s nails feature flip flops. When I think flip flops, I think of the beach as thats where I mostly wear them (I would wear boots everywhere, all year round if I could). So I’ve gone for A beachy scene, with flip flops as an accent.

20130621-195312.jpgI used ‘Lemon ice-cream’ and ‘Cyan blue’ by Barry M and ‘Grape… Set… Match’ by OPI.

My sister is dog sitting for her friend, and brought the lovely dog to meet me. I am terrible for wanting pretty much all animals I see, and the lovely Mya was no different.

20130621-195736.jpgShe is so calm and has the softest ears. N’aww!

Hope you’re enjoying the longest day, hooray for Friday!
Bye now x

OOTD and nails to match.

Hello there!

Happy Monday to you! Sorry this is a day late, I’ve been packing as I’m moving at the weekend, exciting :).
So today’s nail theme was to match the OOTD. Is it wrong that I matched my outfit to my nails? ‘Cause that’s what I did.I had an idea of how I wanted to paint my nails and found an outfit to match. I was sad to take off my sea critters, though they had started to chip so it was for the best.

I started by painting my nails in various colours. I used ‘Shocking pink’ by Barry M, ‘Purple pulse’ by Rimmel, and ‘Block orange’ by Barry M.
I then painstakingly placed on striping tape and painted my nails black. Et voila.20130617-200245.jpg
And, here is my outfit:
20130617-200552.jpgThat’s me, HI! (Excuse my strange expression.)

How has your weekend been? I saw ‘Man of Steel’ on Friday, and I really enjoyed it. There is a lot of action; the visuals were very impressive (and not just Henry Cavill in his tight costume), and the storyline was good.

Bye now x

Sea critters on my nails.

Good evening!

How is everyone? TGIF tomorrow!

Today’s nail feature a some sea critters. I am really pleased with how these turned out. As I’ve said before, I’m not dry arty. So when my nails turn out and actually look like what I want, My expectations are surpassed.

I started with two coats of OPI ‘Last Friday Night’, a sheer bluey glitter. I’m not a huge fan of VNL but I do like the look of this polish alone.


I then used quite a few polishes (and a lot of patience) to draw on my critters.


I used Barry M ‘Grey’ for the shark on my thumb, and mixed it with 17 ‘Silver holo’ for the whale on my middle finger (I love how they look mixed). The water on my middle finger is Barry M ‘Cyan Blue’.

The crab on my index finger is ‘Wild Cherry’ by All About Nails at Tesco.

‘Green with Envy’ by Rimmel and ‘Sulk’ by 17 make up the tail on my ring finger.

I used Barry M ‘Shocking Pink’ and ‘Strawberry Ice Cream’ for the starfish on my pinkie.
Rimmel’s – green with envy

All the white and black were done using nail art pens from Primark.

And there we have it.

OT: Anyone watch Paul O’Grady For the Love of Dogs? I love it, and want to take all the dogs home. I’d be awful working somewhere like that.

Bye now x

My first seran wrap nails!


Today’s nail art is my first attempt at seran wrap (or cling film to us Brits) nails. I’ve seen these in blogs and on instagram and loved the effect so I’m glad I’ve finally had a go. From the name you can tell it involves using cling film/seran wrap to take off the top layer of polish to create a kind of marbled effect.

So here they are before (I wanted to do an accent nail but it didn’t really turn out much different than the others):

And after:

I used ‘Amethyst’ by Accessorize and ‘Silver holo’ by 17. I love both of these colours; ‘Amethyst” has a subtle silvery hue to it in the light, and I simply love love love holographic polish (I always stare at my nails whenever I use it). ‘Amethyst’ was opaque in two coats, and ‘Silver holo’ was pretty much opaque in one, though I did two for more holo-goodness and to be sure.

The formula of the 17 polish was good, the polish went on easily and spread well, and the brush is quite nice too. The formula of the Accessorize polish was a bit more difficult to use, but is could be due to the small brush

All in all I like how this mani came out, I did it last night and already have a chip on my index finger :(. I remember the last time I used the Accessorize polish is chipped easily, bad times.

Hope you don’t have the Monday blues.

Bye now x

Ocean nails!

Hello and happy Saturday to you!

Today’s post features my ocean nails. A few ideas were swimming around my mind when I saw this topic. I did think of a nautical theme, with anchors and stripes and the boat steering wheel (what is that thing called?!); but I decided to go with a more in/under the ocean idea.
So here they are:


I drew the fish, star fish and jelly fish on using a small brush and the silver polish. At first i was going to leave the design with just these fishy images but I got the idea to add green seaweed on the rest of the nails with the metallic green polish (mostly cause I like the polish and had forgotten I had it).

I did think of using my stamper as there are a couple of cute ocean-related images, but the more detailed, and smaller, images don’t seem to transfer very well. I think it’s cause I got the set really cheap so the plates aren’t the best quality.

I think my day will be spent lazing in the garden. Hope your Saturday is as sunny and relaxing.

Bye now x

Flower nails.

Good evening!

It has been another beautiful day here 🙂 happy days.

So, as it’s the 4th its time for the next instalment of my go at the June nail art challenge. Today’s topic is flowers.

I’ve used Rimmel’s ‘Instyle coral’ polish, which I just love. The colour is just lovely; the formula is meant to be one coat but I find this is a bit streaky so I did two.


I’m pleased with how they turned out, they were quite simple to do as they were just dots. Have I mentioned how much I like this colour?! Lol. What do you think?

Bye now x

Summer is here!

And I really hope it lasts longer than a couple of days! I love the summer; sun, warmth and good times. Everyone seems happier (ESP. me) and everywhere just looks nicer! Less doom and gloom.

Today has been a bit of a gardening day. Boo. I don’t particularly like gardening. I took Alan out earlier so she could enjoy the grass (yes, Alan is a girl). She loved life.

I also finished my summer nails as part of the June nail art challenge. I went with a summer garden look, as you can see below. I added stamps of flowers and butterflies to liven them up a bit.
I think it’s important to note that I’m artistically challenged. I’m not very creative nor am I very good at any kind of art, so bare with me as I try and (hopefully) improve.

I have a cold, which sucks! ESP as all I really do is sneeze. Achoo.

Hope you have some sun and are enjoying it! Happy Saturday!

Bye now x