Summer is here!

And I really hope it lasts longer than a couple of days! I love the summer; sun, warmth and good times. Everyone seems happier (ESP. me) and everywhere just looks nicer! Less doom and gloom.

Today has been a bit of a gardening day. Boo. I don’t particularly like gardening. I took Alan out earlier so she could enjoy the grass (yes, Alan is a girl). She loved life.

I also finished my summer nails as part of the June nail art challenge. I went with a summer garden look, as you can see below. I added stamps of flowers and butterflies to liven them up a bit.
I think it’s important to note that I’m artistically challenged. I’m not very creative nor am I very good at any kind of art, so bare with me as I try and (hopefully) improve.

I have a cold, which sucks! ESP as all I really do is sneeze. Achoo.

Hope you have some sun and are enjoying it! Happy Saturday!

Bye now x


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