Ocean nails!

Hello and happy Saturday to you!

Today’s post features my ocean nails. A few ideas were swimming around my mind when I saw this topic. I did think of a nautical theme, with anchors and stripes and the boat steering wheel (what is that thing called?!); but I decided to go with a more in/under the ocean idea.
So here they are:


I drew the fish, star fish and jelly fish on using a small brush and the silver polish. At first i was going to leave the design with just these fishy images but I got the idea to add green seaweed on the rest of the nails with the metallic green polish (mostly cause I like the polish and had forgotten I had it).

I did think of using my stamper as there are a couple of cute ocean-related images, but the more detailed, and smaller, images don’t seem to transfer very well. I think it’s cause I got the set really cheap so the plates aren’t the best quality.

I think my day will be spent lazing in the garden. Hope your Saturday is as sunny and relaxing.

Bye now x


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