Ocean nails!

Hello and happy Saturday to you!

Today’s post features my ocean nails. A few ideas were swimming around my mind when I saw this topic. I did think of a nautical theme, with anchors and stripes and the boat steering wheel (what is that thing called?!); but I decided to go with a more in/under the ocean idea.
So here they are:


I drew the fish, star fish and jelly fish on using a small brush and the silver polish. At first i was going to leave the design with just these fishy images but I got the idea to add green seaweed on the rest of the nails with the metallic green polish (mostly cause I like the polish and had forgotten I had it).

I did think of using my stamper as there are a couple of cute ocean-related images, but the more detailed, and smaller, images don’t seem to transfer very well. I think it’s cause I got the set really cheap so the plates aren’t the best quality.

I think my day will be spent lazing in the garden. Hope your Saturday is as sunny and relaxing.

Bye now x


Flower nails.

Good evening!

It has been another beautiful day here 🙂 happy days.

So, as it’s the 4th its time for the next instalment of my go at the June nail art challenge. Today’s topic is flowers.

I’ve used Rimmel’s ‘Instyle coral’ polish, which I just love. The colour is just lovely; the formula is meant to be one coat but I find this is a bit streaky so I did two.


I’m pleased with how they turned out, they were quite simple to do as they were just dots. Have I mentioned how much I like this colour?! Lol. What do you think?

Bye now x

Summer is here!

And I really hope it lasts longer than a couple of days! I love the summer; sun, warmth and good times. Everyone seems happier (ESP. me) and everywhere just looks nicer! Less doom and gloom.

Today has been a bit of a gardening day. Boo. I don’t particularly like gardening. I took Alan out earlier so she could enjoy the grass (yes, Alan is a girl). She loved life.

I also finished my summer nails as part of the June nail art challenge. I went with a summer garden look, as you can see below. I added stamps of flowers and butterflies to liven them up a bit.
I think it’s important to note that I’m artistically challenged. I’m not very creative nor am I very good at any kind of art, so bare with me as I try and (hopefully) improve.

I have a cold, which sucks! ESP as all I really do is sneeze. Achoo.

Hope you have some sun and are enjoying it! Happy Saturday!

Bye now x