My first seran wrap nails!


Today’s nail art is my first attempt at seran wrap (or cling film to us Brits) nails. I’ve seen these in blogs and on instagram and loved the effect so I’m glad I’ve finally had a go. From the name you can tell it involves using cling film/seran wrap to take off the top layer of polish to create a kind of marbled effect.

So here they are before (I wanted to do an accent nail but it didn’t really turn out much different than the others):

And after:

I used ‘Amethyst’ by Accessorize and ‘Silver holo’ by 17. I love both of these colours; ‘Amethyst” has a subtle silvery hue to it in the light, and I simply love love love holographic polish (I always stare at my nails whenever I use it). ‘Amethyst’ was opaque in two coats, and ‘Silver holo’ was pretty much opaque in one, though I did two for more holo-goodness and to be sure.

The formula of the 17 polish was good, the polish went on easily and spread well, and the brush is quite nice too. The formula of the Accessorize polish was a bit more difficult to use, but is could be due to the small brush

All in all I like how this mani came out, I did it last night and already have a chip on my index finger :(. I remember the last time I used the Accessorize polish is chipped easily, bad times.

Hope you don’t have the Monday blues.

Bye now x


June Nail Art Challenge

Nail art challenge - June


I saw this nail art challenge, by the talented @californails, and thought I would give it a go.

I am currently in the middle of painting my nails for the first day of the challenge, so watch this space! (Fingers crossed it turns out ok.)

Bye now. x



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