Revlon Watermelon Fizz and OOTD

Helo o Caerdydd/hello from Cardiff!

I moved up here last weekend and have settled in, and unpacked most of my stuff (important things like nail polish and clothes). I broke 4 nails and gained 2 bruises moving, bad times.

I’ve had a lazy day today, painted my nails then went for a walk along the river. Tough life. Today I used ‘Watermelon fizz’ by Revlon. Watermelon fizz is a beautiful sheer red colour with an orangey tinge; it is shimmery and smells like watermelons. The smell isn’t overly strong, or overpowering and doesn’t last that long. I used three coats, there is some VNL, and didn’t use a topcoat as it takes away the smell.

20130625-173537.jpgExcuse my broken nail on my middle finger, I’ll shorten them all later 😦
The writing on the bottle has half-worn off, and comes off further if I scratch it. Here you should be able to see the shimmer.

I like this polish as its pretty, goes on well and the smell is good too. I catch myself sniffing my nails, anyone who sees me must think I’m a bit nuts.

Before I go, I just wanted to share my outfit, well top, with you; I love it .
20130625-174126.jpgIt’s a giraffe riding a bike, what’s not to like?!

Hope you are having a lovely Tuesday.
Bye now x


OOTD and nails to match.

Hello there!

Happy Monday to you! Sorry this is a day late, I’ve been packing as I’m moving at the weekend, exciting :).
So today’s nail theme was to match the OOTD. Is it wrong that I matched my outfit to my nails? ‘Cause that’s what I did.I had an idea of how I wanted to paint my nails and found an outfit to match. I was sad to take off my sea critters, though they had started to chip so it was for the best.

I started by painting my nails in various colours. I used ‘Shocking pink’ by Barry M, ‘Purple pulse’ by Rimmel, and ‘Block orange’ by Barry M.
I then painstakingly placed on striping tape and painted my nails black. Et voila.20130617-200245.jpg
And, here is my outfit:
20130617-200552.jpgThat’s me, HI! (Excuse my strange expression.)

How has your weekend been? I saw ‘Man of Steel’ on Friday, and I really enjoyed it. There is a lot of action; the visuals were very impressive (and not just Henry Cavill in his tight costume), and the storyline was good.

Bye now x