Barry M Confetti and Rimmel 60 Seconds

Good afternoon!

I finally got around to buying some of the Barry M confetti polishes, they were on offer in Boots (buy one get one half price) so it had to be done. I also was browsing the polish in B&M and came across some Rimmel 60 Seconds polish for £1! Again, I couldn’t resist buying a couple.

I got ‘Blue My Mind’ and ‘Grey Matter’ by Rimmel, and ‘Sour Apple’ and ‘Liquorice’ by Barry M.


‘Blue my mind’ is a rich blue colour; I’ve had this polish before and have had debates with friends about whether it is blue (as suggested in its name) or purple. And in different lights, it does look like it could be both; though I think it is definitely more blue. What do you think?
‘Grey matter’ is a lovely soft grey; it’s not particularly dark and I can tell its going to be worn a lot as I love grey polish.

‘Sour apple’ contains aqua and yellow confetti, whereas ‘Liquorice’ has black and white. They both applied well and they were easily removed.

Here are one coat of ‘Liquorice’ and ‘Sour apple’ over two coats of Grey matter and Blue my mind.

And one coat of Sour apple and Liquorice over only a base coat.

Personally, I love the confetti look. They add a little something extra to a mani, so expect to see more of them soon. What do you think about confetti style polish?

Bye now x